Simple Manual Robot Platform

Do you wish to make a manual robot like simple combat robot? To make a combat robot, there are few criteria that the robot must consist of such as main controller, transceiver, receiver, motors, and battery and of course the chassis with some weapons on it! Most people are not able to build the main controller, receiver and the transmitter as it involves circuit theory, power, and programming.

Simple Manual Robot Controller

There are many ways to build the controller part for the combat robot such as using RC controller. But I just would like to recommend another simple method for those beginners who like to try their luck in this field as this method is only for less powerful and simple combat robot. Photo above shows the connection of the main controller (PSC28A, PS2 I/O Converter), PS2 controller (the photo shows wired PS2 controller, but you can replace with a wireless PS2 controller), DC motor drivers (MD30B, which can sustain up to 30A peak but not recommended for Starter Motor), DC motors (motors in the photo are just for illustration purpose, of course you need a more powerful motors) and also batteries. This method solely relies on hardware, which means you can forgo the programming part.

PSC28A with Wireless Controller


After connect according to the schematic (remember to pull up the PWM pin with 1K resistor), you will be able to control your robot to move forward, backward, as well as to turn left and right. You may add in some more gadget as you wish. There are some example circuits at the appendix of the PSC28A’s user manual.


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