feed the fish

Who is going to feed my fish?

Have you heard about IoT??

A simple way to describe Internet of Things (IoT) is controlling or monitoring any device through the Internet, which are embedded with sensors, software, network connectivity and necessary electronics that enables them to collect and exchange data making them responsive.

IoT is here and becoming an increasing topic of interest among technology giants and business communities. It’s a concept that not only has the potential to impact how we live but also how we work.

So, Cytron Technologies manufactured the ESPresso Lite v2.0 to enable you to get started with your own IoT project the easier way. You can refer to the Getting Started For ESPresso Lite v2 tutorial for the setup.

In this tutorial, you are going to apply IoT for feeding the fish. Now, you don’t have to worry if your fish will ever have to go hungry!!!

Hardware Required

ESPresso Lite V2.0

USB to UART Converter

USB MiniB Cable (2.0)

RC Micro Servo Motor

Male to Female Jumper Wire

Additional Information

  • Each ESPresso lite V2 has its own ID (exp : ESPert-xxxxxxxx). Make sure you key in the correct ID in order to have a successful connection.
  • The power for the ESPresso lite V2 can be supplied directly from the battery or USB through the UC00A converter.

Circuit Diagram

Connection for servo motor

  • Brown/Black — ground
  • Red — Vin
  • Yellow/Orange — signal (pin14)

Connection for the hardware setup


1. Assemble and solder all the pin to ESPresso Lite V2.0 board.

2. Connect the ESPresso Lite either with FTDI cable or UC00A USB to UART converter to upload your program from your PC or just simply to power up the board.

For this tutorial, the UC00A is used.

See QUICKSTART guide for more details.

Connect to the internet

1. Methods to configure the ESPresso Lite V2:

  • Using the SmartConfig app
  • Using the AP mode (access point)
  • Connecting to WAP using direct coding

You can choose either method to connect to the internet.

For more details on configuration at Connecting to the internet.

STATUS of ESPresso Lite V2 indicated by LED on GPIO2.

  • Long blinks : SmartConfig mode
  • LED off: Connected to Wi-Fi
  • Short blinks: AP mode
  • Normal blink: Trying to connect to Wi-Fi
  • LED off: Not connected to Wi-Fi

Once the ESPresso Lite is connected to the internet, the LED will turn OFF.

If you are not using an OLED display, you can check for the mode using Serial Monitor.

  • For AP mode
  • For Smart Config mode

Create your Cloud account

After the ESPresso Lite V2 is connected, you need to create a cloud account at ESPert cloud.

For more details on creating cloud account => CREATE YOUR CLOUD ACCOUNT

After installing the ESPert IoT Mobile App, you can try to send a PUSH NOTIFICATION to your smartphone from the cloud.

push notification

ESPert IoT Mobile App

  1. Download and install the ESPert IoT Mobile App on your smartphone.

DO Button apps

1. Download DO Button by IFTTT apps from Play Store.

2. Setup the button.

i. Open the DO Button apps

ii. Click the bottom right icon


iii. Press + to create new recipe

iv. Press CHANNELS and search for MAKER

v. Create a New Recipe

vi. Action – Make a web request

vii. Fill in the TITLE and URL.

viii. Method : GET

ix. DONE.

  • TITLE        : Feed the fish
  • URL           : http://www.espert.io/bridge/ESPert/xxxxxxx/FEED?cmd=1
  • CONTENT TYPE : (blank)
  • BODY         : (blank)

xxxxxxx is the ESPert ID.

Hardware Preparation

1. The connection for the hardware is simple. You can refer to the circuit diagram below.

1. Stick the bottle to the servo horn.

2. Drill some holes on the cap.

3. Get prepared with all the components needed.

4. You can setup all the components in a box.

5. The setup is complete.

5. A paper clip can be glued to the box.

Code Overview

  • The key for MySmartphone in the coding must match the key that is shown at ESPert.io.



The coding for Feed The Fish can be downloaded here.


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