Let’s Arduino Control Your SmartDriveDuo-60

SmartDriveDuo-60 is a smart and powerful dual motor driver from Cytron Technologies. Even this motor driver is able to accept multiple types of input (RC, analog, PWM, serial), most of users choose RC mode to control a combat robot. Why? Because this mode is totally plug and play. In other words, users don’t need to have a programming knowledge to make their robot move. However, there still have users ask on how to control MDDS60 with Arduino. Maybe they want to make their robot smarter? Yes of course, and it is good. So this tutorial will guide you to get start.

MDDS60 Header Photo

First of all, we need to set mode for MDDS60 to determine what kind of program to be write in Arduino. So currently we have 3 modes which suitable for that:
1. PWM mode: Independent Both (0b10110100)
2. Serial Simplified: Set baudrate to 9600 (0b11001100)
3. Serial Packetized: Set ID to 0 (0b11100000)

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