Fabricate Your Own PCB at Home

I’m pretty sure there are lots of articles online which provides step-by-step solution on hand wash PCB. Nevertheless, it does not stop me from making the effort to write another similar article. However, this article is mainly aimed for those who are novice in this area. So, let’s get our engines heated up~~!!

UC00A – More Than A USB to Serial Converter

What can we do with a UC00A besides Serial to USB converter? Let’s start from fulfilling my day dreams. I always wanted to have a device other than mouse and keyboard to control my PC. Okay, it’s not a big deal if we use a microcontroller to commnunicate with the PC through serial interface by using a UC00A. However that’s not what we want to achieve here. We want to do it by using UC00A alone!

Mobile Robot Platform

A mobile robot that is capable of auto navigating a path to a predefine destination and complete multiple tasks given such as goods transition, mobile security, mobile tour guide. It can even perform as a university research platform. Why MRP? MRP make you focus on your application which you no need to reinvent the robot hardware or redoing some basic programming again. MRP has do it all for you! Thus, it saves lots of time for investor.

Upgrade AR40B with UIC00A

AR40B is Robot controller board which is quite famous among robot builder, especially in ROBOCON. Anyhow, the onboard USB programmer is a bit out of date. So you maybe asking: “Can I upgrade it using the new UIC00A?”. The answer is “YES!” Since UIC00A is a very low cost (~RM50.00) USB programmer, we should utilize it. Now the question is how to integrate it onto AR40B board? No worry, that’s the reason this blog is created, upgrading AR40B to be UIC00A programmable.