Rechargeable LED Torch

Rechargeable LED Torch is a DIY pocket size LED torch light using single AA rechargeable battery, super bright white LED and rechargeable using standard USB port. This is a great DIY project where you can learn about voltage booster and USB charger for AA rechargeable battery.

Scorpion Mobile Fighting Robot (ScorBOT)

The Idea of Scorbot comes from the Hollywood famous movie ‘The Scorpion King’ starring by the retired star wrestler ‘The Rock’. The outlook of Scorbot is illustrated to a scorpion with 2 arm and a powerful and poisoning tail behind. Scorbot can perform some human like fighting movements for example right hand front punch, side punch, defend posture and etc (Scorpion Kung Fu seven styles). The scorpion’s stinger which is illustrated by a gripper is one of the weapons for fighting. For mobility, Scorbot is driven by two dc brush motor at the base and this allows Scorbot to move quickly, stably and effectively.