PIC16F VS PIC18F:Analysis of PIC Mid-Range 8 bit family and Advanced 8-bits Family

PIC Microcontroller is one of the popular device among student and hobbyist. Microchip Technology is a giant for embedded system. Every year, they produce different product for different application range from beginner training kit to advanced application such as medical instrumentation and robotic. A lot of people wonder which device should start with when exploring PIC MCU? So in this tutorial, i will guide you the software and hardware features of 2 PIC families :Mid-range 8 bit MCU(PIC 16 series) and Advanced 8 bits MCU(PIC18 series)

USB (Universal Serial Bus)

By: Ober Choo RH2T Magazine, Vol.3,March 2010 Nowadays, USB has replaced most of the computer port connectors such as serial port (DB9), parallel port and PS/2.   Introduction Universal Serial Bus known as USB, seems to be very popular among