Wireless RFID Reader Using XBees

In this tutorial, a project on creating a wireless RFID reader will be implemented. The model of RFID reader used here is RFID reader 232N (RFID-IDR-232N) which actually can be connected to PC directly through RS232 using the DB9 (Male) of its cable for sending tag’s IDs scanned to computer.Somehow, the establishment of a wireless RFID reader enable the RFID reader to be place a t a further distance from the PC since the cable length constraint is eliminated but still can sends the tag’s IDs scanned to PC through the wireless link.

USB (Universal Serial Bus)

By: Ober Choo RH2T Magazine, Vol.3,March 2010 Nowadays, USB has replaced most of the computer port connectors such as serial port (DB9), parallel port and PS/2.   Introduction Universal Serial Bus known as USB, seems to be very popular among